Gurshabd Khalsa

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Board of Director

Gurshabd Kaur Khalsa earned her Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Sacramento State University. While studying she felt a strong passion for working with children of color with communication disorders.

Growing up in the American education system as a Panjabi-Sikh woman of color, Gurshabd has experienced and witnessed first hand how the trauma of living in the United States, where racial disparities are prevalent, impacts students of color in their academic and wellness. After obtaining her Masters of Communication Disorders and Sciences, Gurshabd aspires to work with children of immigrants to be a strong advocate and provide services to marginalized families. The values of advocating for marginalized communities, fighting injustices, and selfless service were instilled in Gurshabd from a young age being raised as a Sikh. She draws inspiration from her parents, grandparents, and the countless Sikhs before her, who dedicated their lives to these beliefs.

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