Tona Miranda

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Policy Advocate and Tribal Liaison

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Tona Miranda is an Indigenous woman from the Yaqui, Blackfoot, Otomi and Chichimeca Tribal Nations. She is a proud community member of North Sacramento from the neighborhood of Del Paso Heights, where her family has resided for the past 50 years. She’s an Indigenous community-engaged scholar that gains her inspiration from her ancestral foundation and immense love for her communities.

In her previous work, she was the Associate Director for the Native American Resource Center at American River College, where she and her team conducted research on the disproportionate impact on Native American students. Tona also works in Indigenous Philanthropy, connecting Indigenous nations globally to philanthropic partnerships. For the past 15 years, Tona has committed her life to empowering youth, assisting her community to dismantle the school to prison pipeline and creating Indigenous focused restorative justice programs.

Currently at Youth Forward, Tona is the Tribal Liaison focusing on the impact cannabis has on tribal communities statewide.

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