Cannabis Advertising Targeted at Kids

In September of this year (2021), Youth Forward and the Getting It Right from the Start Project at the Public Health Institute led a campaign to persuade Governor Newsom to veto a bill (AB 1302) that would have allowed cannabis billboards on interstate highways. We took this on out of concern for how the cannabis industry is using billboards and other advertising platforms to market cannabis to kids and young people, much like the tobacco industry did in the past. As part of our effort, we provided the Governor with a review of cannabis billboards in his hometown (Sacramento) with a description of how the billboard targets kids. For example, one prominent billboard on a main thoroughfare uses sour gummy worms to spell out the name of the cannabis delivery service. We also sent the Governor a letter signed by 230 public health and child advocates urging the veto. We were thrilled when, on October 8th, the Governor vetoed this legislation. 

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