Cannabis, Equity, and Racial Justice Virtual Webinars

Over the last month, we have hosted eight virtual convenings about Proposition 64 cannabis implementation and the movement to repair the harm caused by the War on Drugs by centering racial justice, equity, and healing. Our partners at Alliance for Boys and Men of Color and California Urban Partnership helped us create this series of webinars to educate the public about initiatives currently in place to address cannabis policy from a lens of racial equality and to support community-based and youth-serving organizations looking to influence the allocation of cannabis tax revenues towards community reinvestment.

Topics ranged from how Prop 64 funded youth organizations are responding and innovating given social distancing and the additional stress and pressures on youth created by the pandemic to the approaches needed to close the racial wealth gaps caused by the criminalization of cannabis. We hope these webinars serve to broaden the understanding of cannabis policy and racial justice and they are used by individuals and organizations around the state and the country. 

All webinars can be found here.

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